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ALTOS: automated ALGOL to C++ conversion tool is now available

August 23, 2009


Many of the current users of Unisys/MCP/ALGOL platform would welcome an opportunity to convert their systems to C/C++ on UNIX or Windows running on commodity servers.

Spectrum's ALTOS(ALGOL to C++) tool automates this conversion process.

ALTOS package includes the source code processing tool itself, and multi-platform C++ run-time libraries and header files to use with converted code. Converted systems run on UNIX or Windows platform.


ALTOS generates efficient C++ code. On a low-end, single - CPU Windows machine converted code executes faster than the original ALGOL code running on Unisys's Libra 400 machine with 4 CPUs.

The use of Spectrum's ALTOS conversion tool and methodology allows for an efficient, Client - controlled conversion process. Using ALTOS allows to achieve dramatic savings in comparison to developing a C++ program that implements the functionality of an existing ALGOL program from scratch.

Spectrum offers a variety of services related to ALGOL to C++ conversion using ALTOS. That includes ALTOS technical support, expert UNIX and Windows knowledge, conversion project management, staff augmentation and outsourcing.



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