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ALTOS©: Release 1.5 is now available

September 1, 2010


Spectrum Systems' Automated ALGOL to C++ Conversion tool (ALTOS© ) and conversion methodology is the best product currently available to convert UNISYS/MCP/ALGOL - based systems to C/C++ on UNIX or WINDOWS running on commodity servers. ALTOS© package includes the source code processing tool itself, and multi-platform C++ run-time libraries and header files to use with converted code. Converted systems run on UNIX or Windows platform.

Release 1.5, available immediately, covers additional ALGOL constructs, and improves performance of ALTOS’ converter and run time libraries. 

As proved by our experience of using ALTOS to convert hundreds of thousands of lines of complex ALGOL code, more than 99.5% of the code is converted automatically.

Please find more information on Altos:

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