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February 22, 2014


A message to all of Spectrum System's employees, contractors, and business partners:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On February 22nd, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company. We’ve made a lot of great memories over these past two decades, and expect to accomplish even more great things in the future.

We’ve been lucky enough to continually work with great clients, big and small alike, all of whom remember our work and teams fondly. We’ve come to specialize in solving difficult problems, proving time and time again that when it comes to success the size of a team doesn’t matter as much as some may think.

We’ve carved out a specialized niche in building large-scale, high-performance distributed systems and integrating legacy systems. ALTOS, our unique patent pending modernization platform for UNISYS applications has been maturing quickly, now generating a high degree of interest from some very large major players in financial and IT industries, as well as those in the government. ALTOS solves real, pressing, high-cost problems, and we are proud of having been able to build it up from scratch into an industrial-scale strength tool. Well on our way to combining ALTOS with open source based messaging and integration tools (such as Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, etc.) we are primed to provide a complete roadway to help our clients modernize and virtualize their legacy applications.

More importantly though, we’ve been blessed to work with, and continue working with uniquely talented, reliable people. With that in mind, I’d like to extend a wholehearted ‘Thank You!’ to all of our employees, contractors, and business partners in the United States, Russia, and Ukraine. Thank you for your efforts, your professionalism, and for steadfastly exceeding our expectations. Thank you for forgiving our occasional organizational mishaps - and lastly to many of you - thank you for your friendship and moral support through the years.

We are living and doing business in an exciting time. I look forward to Spectrum System’s growth in the years ahead, and towards working and sharing experiences together with all of you as we continue to move forward.

Best Regards and big thanks to all of you,

Yuri G. Rabinovitch, CEO and President, Spectrum Systems, Inc.




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