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ALTOS: Release 2.2 is now available

June 16th, 2015


Spectrum Systems' patent-pending solution for Unisys and IBM legacy applications renovation is the best product available to convert UNISYS and IBM ALGOL and COBOL - based applications to C++/Java on UNIX, Linux, or WINDOWS running on commodity servers. ALTOS includes the source code converters, and multi-platform C++ and Java run-time libraries and header files to use with converted code. Converted applications run on UNIX, Linux, or Windows platform.

ALTOS Release 2.2 is available immediately.

ALTOS commercial users successfully used it to convert and deploy in production very large (millions of lince of code), mission critical high - availability applications.

As proved by  experience of using ALTOS to convert millions of lines of complex ALGOL and COBOL code, more than 99.9% of the code is converted automatically.

Experience shows that converted code is robust, and performs better than original  code. The number of detected problems per line in converted software is two orders of magnitude less than in newly developed code. The entire conversion effort takes a small fraction of time and cost that would be needed to re-write the legacy system.


ALTOS Release 2.2 incorporates the following major improvements:

• Improved efficiency of C++ and Java run-time library, and hence the code produced by ALTOS.

• Improved detection and logging of potential problems in converted code. Using ALTOS has just become easier.

• Improved documentation for ALTOS run time libraries

Please find more information on Altos:

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