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A Major Payments Company chooses ALTOS©   to renovate Unisys ALGOL and COBOL - based  applications

August 2, 2016



Spectrum Systems, Inc. announces today   that in July, 2016 yet another major financial utility company (one that is critical for the entire US banking system) has signed a license and services agreement with Spectrum Systems. As the result the client will be able to convert a set of its large, mission critical applications from Unisys ALGOL and COBOL to C++ and Java and run converted applications on Linux. Some of the applications are purely ALGOL, others are purely COBOL, and some are COBOL programs that use ALGOL libraries.

The client has chosen to license ALTOS platform  after an in-depth evaluation whereby ALTOS was used to actually convert and run a few critical components that are representative to the client's environment.


"ALTOS is a mature, proven set of tools for Unisys legacy applications modernization. We are glad to help our client to renovate its mission critical applications with minimum risk and signifcant cost savings, while preserving existing team expertise and intellectual property invested into the legacy applications" - says Spectrum's CEO Dr. Yuri G. Rabinovitch.





Spectrum Systems'  ALTOS is the only solution on the market for automated re-hosting of legacy UNISYS applications that consist of components written in both Unisys COBOL and ALGOL. ALTOS incorporates tools for automated conversion of Unisys ALGOL applications into C++, Unisys extended COBOL applications into Java, and runtime support for converted applications on a variety of target platforms, including multiple flavors of Linux, Unix, and Windows.  

ALTOS allows to transform legacy Unisys COBOL and ALGOL applications into open, expandable systems that run on modern, inexpensive hardware/software platforms, and preserve organizations' intellectual investment into their legacy applications. Business processes and operations stay untouched. All that changes is the underlying technology. Clients save their investments into intellectual property and benefit from industry standards, and modern, widely available technologies


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