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ALTOS C++ Runtime Release 3.9 simplifies integration, paves the way to cloud deployments for UNISYS ALGOL applications renovated with ALTOS

February 3, 2017


Spectrum Systems, Inc. today announces the general availability of the the ALTOS C++ Runtime Release 3.9.

The C++ Run Time Library (RTL) now includes the Native Interfaces API. This API dramatically simplifies the implementation of the interfaces between code converted by ALTOS from Unisys ALGOL to C++, and native C++ code developed by our clients for Linux/Unix/Windows platforms. It facilitates the extension of functionality of applications migrated from Unisys  mainframe, and thus helps prolong the  legacy applications’ useful life. Using the API allows developers to concentrate on business functionality extensions, and not on technical details of integration with the converted code.  

This API promotes clear separation of converted and custom code, and facilitates converted code componetization and deployment in VMs and containers in the cloud.


“Using the new API  cuts down significantly on the development and testing time for complex applications that consist of large amounts of code converted from ALGOL, and custom - developed C++ code. The expanded renovated applications are now much easier to maintain, scale, and deploy", said Yuri Rabinovitch, the CEO of Spectrum Systems.


ALTOS C++ Runtime Release 3.9  is available immediately.


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