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Our people is our most valuable resource

Here we regularly profile our people of Spectrum. We're proud of the caliber of expertise and professionalism they demonstrate. They can make a difference in your achieving success.

Meet Anatoly Rodionov

Anatoly has been with Spectrum since 1996. He possesses exceptional abilities to dissect complex, less well defined problems and to devise efficient and elegant algorithms that solve the problem at hand. His experience in developing highly reliable messaging and transaction systems makes him a go-to man for our clients when a difficult problem must be addressed. It will be done fast, and it will be done right. "We got very significant help from Spectrum, and Anatoly in particular!" says a client manager of Spectrum's after Anatoly implemented and deployed a network system simulation environment in record time.

He has been involved in the authoring of several books used in computer science curriculums, especially focused on programming languages. He is currently involved in research in arithmetic coding to advance information compression and encryption.

Anatoly is a true Renaissance man. He holds a Ph.D in Physics, is very skilled in the art of Aikido, and is an accomplished photographer.


And this is one of Anatoly's photos that recently won a prestigious photography contest. The caption for the photo is "Church Street Reflections".

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